Monday, December 5, 2016

Resiliency and the Center for Resilience

The Center for Resilience focuses on children and teens being able to express themselves and helping them find ways to express as well as control their emotions. A lot of students who are participating in this are from very low income neighborhoods and have a lot on their plate other than just going to school. The Center for Resilience is a program in which students can openly express themselves and learn coping mechanisms in terms of stress.  Stress is something that everyone faces especially throughout this generation.  The Center for Resilience has positive outcomes for those in the urban communities in Rhode Island.

The video that I really enjoyed was when Amy Leclarie spoke about how it has effected the students that she has been working with.  She spoke about how she has students who have never been in a school setting before which definitely plays a major role in a child's life.  I really find it empowering because as a youth worker, mindfulness is a true key.  Students are faced with the obstacles of everyday life and a majority of that is focused on schooling.

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