Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016 Election: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

As an American citizen, I got the right to vote at age 18 and because of that I feel like I had the absolute right and obligation as an American citizen to register to vote. I wasn't able to vote in the 2008 because i was not old enough to, but I still had my personal views and wanted Barack Obama to win over John McCain. To my happiness, Obama won and became the first African American to hold the office of the President of the United States. Four years later, Obama was running against Mitt Romney and I was old enough to vote. I was kept up to date by the news as well as my Political Science class, which is how I decided that I wanted to vote for Obama once again. I did not agree with some of Romney's views and things he was standing for, so I was glad once again when Obama
was re-elected for another four years.

Here we are another four years later and unfortunately, Barack Obama cannot run for office again. To be honest, if I could vote for him, I definitely would again. This upcoming election is, for lack of better words, a circus-like popularity contest. On the Democratic side, we have Hillary Clinton: wife of former president Bill Clintion, possibly the first woman president of the United States. However, she has many allegations against her between deleted emails and controversial decisions she has made as Barack Obama's Secretary of State and beyond. On the Republican side, you have Donald Trump: a very rich and very powerful business man who has a lot of influence in our country, who is know for the TV show, the Apprentice (YOU'RE FIRED!). Trump also has just as many negative flaws, if not a bit more, than Hillary Clinton, wanting to build a wall at the US-Mexican Border, deporting Muslim refugees because of different ISIS terrorist group accusations, and much more. I
firmly believe that neither of these candidates deserve the position because of their backgrounds, along with their present day troublesome acts they've committed.

I am aware of certain topics that are going on in our country, however, I'm not 100% caught up with what issues the candidates are running for, but I hope to catch up a bit before I go to vote. I do not feel well informed about the issues that the candidates are running for because this election really seems to be a serious popularity contest. Both Trump and Clinton don't seem to focus on the issues, but more on bashing and sabotaging the other candidate. To be honest, I don't really have any specific questions to ask in class, but I hope that in class we can have a general not bias discussion about both candidates so that I can learn more about both positives and negatives about each candidate.

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  1. I really enjoyed the timeline of your voting history. I feel that is important to keep up with politics or atlas attempt like in my case. Trump and Clinton are all over the map, leaving our society in dire need of help. Awesome job!